Discover the Tesla Tunnel Las Vegas [160 Mph]

Have you experienced the Tesla Tunnel Las Vegas? Tesla has unveiled its new tunnel in Las Vegas, designed to transport cars at speeds up to 160 mph.

Las Vegas Convention Center’s Vegas Loop allows convention and trade show attendees to easily and quickly get around the campus.

Last June, Elon Musk’s Boring Company unveiled the first passenger station in his “Vegas Loop” network of tunnels. In 29 miles of tunnels, there will be 55 stops.

Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Vegas Loop has opened its first passenger station, the Resorts World passenger station. It provides direct access to and from the Convention Center and other popular locations in Sin City.

Is the Tesla Tunnel Las Vegas the future of transportation? Of course, it will fill a specific need in dense urban areas like Las Vegas.

Another question is whether it can expand beyond that to areas with longer distances to cover—like Los Angeles, for instance—. No reason it couldn’t, in theory. Las Vegas Clark County Commissioners approved their “Vegas Loop System” of tunnels to connect hotels, the convention center, and even the airport someday.

With the Vegas Loop, passengers can hitch rides to and from hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, the city’s new stadium, and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Access to the LVCC’s key destinations and nearby transport connections is made possible by its four passenger stations. Walking between the West Hall and the existing North/Central Hall can take up to 25 minutes on average. It takes approximately two minutes to make the same trip on the LVCC Loop.

Over 4,400 convention attendees can be transported across campus per hour using the system. Initially, passengers will be seated in three-person vehicles, and future vehicles will be able to accommodate up to 12 passengers.

Tesla Tunnel Las Vegas

Tesla Tunnel Las Vegas - how to ride tesla tunnel las vegas Tesla

Teslas have taken on a new tunnel: the anticipated Las Vegas loop station at Resorts World has opened, marking the first of 55 planned stops to expand beneath the Strip and beyond.

The unveiling of the latest train station also marks the public’s first chance to try the system out.

Resorts World Las Vegas President Scott Sibella said people could only try this while a convention is happening. Otherwise, they will shut the stations when there are no conventions. However, he also said that maybe somewhere down the road, people might be able to take it seven days a week.

The Vegas Loop is a 1.7-mile tunnel 40 feet underground at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It connects the South Hall to Central Hall and West Hall, making a 45-minute walk less than a two-minute trip.

A human-driven Tesla ferries passengers through the tunnels up to 40 miles an hour.

The Vegas Loop operates during major conventions.

Tesla Tunnel Las Vegas Opening Date

The Resorts World Las Vegas stop opened last April 2021. It is an extension of The Boring Company’s existing three-stop underground tunnel system beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Boring Company (The Boring Company): The Boring Company is devoted to providing an “all-electric, zero emissions, high-speed underground public transportation system in where passengers are transported to their destinations with no intermediate stops.”

According to the company’s website, the Boring Company plans to build tunnels under cities so people can travel quickly without getting out of their cars.

Tesla Tunnel Las Vegas Cost to Ride

Single rides cost 1.5$, and day passes cost 2$. Riders can scan a big QR Code on a Wall at the new Resorts World Station to purchase a Ticket. People who do not wish to pay with DoGeCoin can use a traditional Credit Card and USD.

Tesla Tunnel Las Vegas Location

The Las Vegas Convention Center Loop is the first full-scale Loop project by the Boring Company currently in commercial use.

The Boring Company Loop system consists of tunnels where Tesla electric vehicles travel between stations at high speeds.

The first passenger station on the ‘Vegas Loop’ tunnel system by Elon Musk’s company, The Boring Company, is located beneath Resorts World Casino & Hotel, the first in what will be 55 stops along the 29-mile tunnel.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority CEO and President Steve Hill said that this is the only place in the world to experience this, and it will be an attraction in and of itself for a while.

How to Ride Tesla Tunnel Las Vegas

For now, the general public can take it around the block, back to where they started. Only visitors can leave at the Convention Center. The underground transit system lines with Tesla models X and Y aim to revolutionize transit and ease traffic congestion.

Check out this video of Highlanders Way of his ride on the Resorts World Vegas Loop:

What do you think of the Tesla Tunnel Las Vegas? Do you think it is a great invention for conventions? Please share with us your experience or thoughts in the comment section below.

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