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The Top Factors to Consider When Selecting a Las Vegas Convention Site

Las Vegas is a popular destination for conventions, offering plenty of options for selecting the perfect venue. From large-scale casinos and resorts to smaller venues like conference centers, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. But with so many choices available, how do you decide where to host your event? When selecting a Las Vegas convention site, it’s essential to consider many factors. Here are some of the top things to consider:



Las Vegas is an ideal choice for conventions and gatherings of all sizes due to its proximity to major transportation hubs. Located in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is just a short drive from McCarran International Airport and a few hours from large cities such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City. This makes it easy for attendees to travel in and out of the town with minimal effort. When choosing a convention space, it is crucial to consider the amenities available at each location. Las Vegas offers plenty of options when it comes to accommodation, event venues, catering services, and entertainment options. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor venue, there are plenty of opportunities to find the perfect space for your event.

Las Vegas is also known for its world-class entertainment options, ranging from amusement parks and casinos to fine dining and shopping. From classic shows on The Strip to the thrilling roller coasters at Circus Circus, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. Not only are there a variety of attractions to enjoy, but there are also plenty of options for nightlife, with bars, clubs, and lounges that stay open late. For those looking to plan a memorable convention in Las Vegas, the city’s range of resources is unmatched. From large event venues with luxurious amenities to smaller spaces perfect for intimate gatherings, you can find the right location for your special event. Las Vegas will impress everyone with unparalleled entertainment, cultural attractions, and vibrant nightlife. All you need to do is find the perfect convention space to start!

Size and Capacity

Determine the event’s size and ensure the site can accommodate it. Las Vegas is known for its large convention venues like the Las Vegas Convention Center and Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The city also has smaller meeting spaces in most Strip resorts and Downtown resorts. This flexibility makes it easy to find a venue that appeals to small and large gatherings.

Consider the layout of the site and the flexibility it offers for different event setups. Many of the larger convention centers feature a large exhibition hall and separate rooms for breakout sessions. Meanwhile, meeting spaces in resorts are often more intimate and flexible to accommodate different layouts.

Regarding capacity, most venues have a maximum occupancy limit based on fire code regulations. Be sure to verify that the site can meet your needs with the correct number of attendees.

Facilities and Services

Evaluate the quality and adequacy of the facilities and services offered at the site. Can adequate seating, staging, and sound systems accommodate your event? Are there enough restrooms and other facilities, such as food service areas, to meet the needs of your attendees? What type of Wi-Fi access is available, if any? Will you need a power supply for certain things, such as computers or lighting equipment? Do they offer onsite catering services? Is there a professional audio-visual team to help with sound and lighting needs?

Las Vegas has some of the best convention facilities in the country, offering state-of-the-art amenities and services. Nearly all venues boast high-speed Wi-Fi access, ergonomic seating and staging, unlimited power supply options, and professional audio-visual teams. Many offer onsite catering, food service areas, and ample restrooms to accommodate your attendees. Additionally, many hotels in the area have banquet halls, meeting rooms, and other spaces ideal for corporate events.


When planning an event in Las Vegas, the budget is one of the most important considerations. When selecting a venue for the convention, it is essential to ensure that it is within the budget set for the event. The first step in determining a budget for the event is considering all expenses related to the convention. These expenses include space rental, catering, entertainment, and services such as registration desks or audio/visual equipment. Additionally, research should be done to determine the cost of transportation from the airport to the chosen venue.

Once all expenses have been determined, a budget for the event should be established. This will help limit spending at the conference and ensure enough money is available for all the necessary components. Once a budget has been set, it is essential to know how much of that budget can be allocated towards accommodating space rental and other services related to the conference venue.


Accessibility and Inclusivity

Accessibility and inclusivity are essential considerations when selecting a convention site in Las Vegas. To ensure that attendees with disabilities have full access to the event, the hosting location must be equipped with various accommodations. This includes ensuring the venue has ample wheelchair access, providing interpreters for those who are hearing impaired, and offering Braille signage onsite. Additionally, event organizers should consider their convenient location’s overall environment and ensure it is welcoming to all attendees, regardless of race, gender, age, or any other factor. By creating a safe and inclusive atmosphere at conventions in Las Vegas, event planners can help ensure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable while attending.

Evaluate the inclusivity of the site and its facilities for attendees of different backgrounds and needs. Look for wheelchair access and ramps, as well as interpreters for those with hearing impairments. Consider Braille signage, handrails on stairs, disability parking spots, ADA-compliant restrooms, and more. Ensure the venue provides a safe and welcoming atmosphere to guests of all backgrounds and abilities.

It’s also important to consider the proximity of the convention site to transportation hubs, restaurants, and other conveniences. A nearby public transit option is essential if attendees want to easily access local attractions or require transportation from their hotel to the event. Additionally, if there are restaurants nearby, they should offer a variety of cuisines and dietary options, so everyone feels welcome regardless of their dietary restrictions.


Reputation and References

The reputation of a convention site selection in Las Vegas is essential when choosing the right venue for your event. The city’s history of hosting some of the world’s largest, most prestigious conventions, conferences, and trade shows has earned it a worldwide reputation as one of the leading destinations for such events. Las Vegas offers a wide range of venues, from traditional indoor spaces to outdoor locations with stunning views. It’s essential to research the most reputable media in Las Vegas, and review references from past events hosted there. Some event organizers also consider conducting an onsite inspection of the venue to ensure it meets their needs and expectations.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) also offers support and guidance to event organizers. They provide information on the venues, catering services, and other resources available in Las Vegas, as well as assistance with securing any necessary permits or licenses.

Seek references from other event planners who have used the site in the past. Ask them questions about the quality of the service they received, any issues they experienced while using the venue, and how satisfied they were with the overall experience. Additionally, talking to vendors and suppliers who have worked at the venue can provide valuable insights.





The selection of a convention site in Las Vegas is an important decision that should be carefully considered. Event organizers must evaluate the accessibility and inclusivity of the site, consider the reputation of the venue, and review references from past events before making a final choice.

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