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Unique Ideas for Las Vegas Corporate Event Entertainment

An event in Las Vegas is a great way to unite your employees, promote team unity and build camaraderie. But if your event has run out of ideas or if you’re looking to create new ones, we’ve got you covered. We’re listing some of the most innovative ideas for corporate entertainment that are fun, interactive, and unique.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality experiences offer corporate event attendees the chance to experience new worlds and activities in a safe, fun, and engaging way. These experiences can be tailored to attendees’ specific interests or needs, providing a unique and memorable experience. Virtual reality games and simulations are popular among corporate event attendees, as they provide a fun way to learn new skills or brush up on existing skills. These experiences can teach new or essential concepts, such as how to operate a virtual reality device or use virtual reality software. Additionally, virtual reality experiences promote companies’ brands and products in unique ways, letting event attendees experience the company or product in a new and exciting way. As with any event entertainment option, it’s essential to consider your event goals and budget when selecting a virtual reality experience for your event.


Outdoor Adventures

Hiking: Trek through the forest or explore a new park near your home. This provides a unique experience that can’t be matched in any other setting. Plus, you get to enjoy the sights, sounds, and fresh air of nature.
Fishing: Spend a day fishing in a scenic river or lake. This is a fun activity for everyone, from kids to adults. Plus, it offers an opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature.

Biking: Cycle through the city or countryside on one of the many marked trails. This is an easy and enjoyable way to spend time outside and be active. -Golfing: Play in one of the many courses in your area. Playing golf is an absolute delight and can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old.

Culinary Competitions

While corporate events are commonly known for entertainment, you can also incorporate some unique ideas to make them more memorable and exciting. Food competition is excellent if you want to add excitement to the event. Participants can design and cook their dishes or even participate in a cooking round where they have to create the most delicious and creative dishes. Another popular idea is a wine-tasting competition, where guests taste different wines and rate them based on their preferences. The participants can be assigned tasks such as tasting each wine once or rating each one out of five stars. A cookie-baking competition is another way to add excitement to the event. Participants can create the best cookies using any ingredient and shape or even participate in a challenge where they have to eat as many cookies as possible within a time limit.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a fun and unique way to entertain employees at corporate events. These games are designed to be challenging and engaging, making them perfect for keeping employees on their toes and engaged. The basic premise of an escape room is that players must use their sleuthing skills and logic to solve the puzzles and find their way out of the room before time runs out. Other than gaming, escape rooms can also be customized to fit the needs of your business. You can choose from different themes and lengths, depending on your budget and desired experience level. You can also opt for bulk escape room rentals or individual games, which gives you more flexibility in scheduling and availability. Both rentals offer a fun and engaging experience for your employees, making them a great addition to corporate events.

Casino Night

Many corporate event planners hold a casino night as part of their event lineup. This party type is perfect for attracting guests who enjoy playing games and gambling. Casino nights can be customized in many ways, including the type of games played, money spent, and the time limit. Some popular game options include blackjack, poker, slot machine games, and roulette. Some variants allow for more complex betting strategies, such as craps or baccarat. Many corporate event planners also choose to offer VIP treatment at casino nights by providing special offers on specific types of games or by allowing guests to play for longer periods.


Live Music Night

Many corporate event planners feature live music as part of their event lineup. This type of entertainment is perfect for attracting guests who enjoy listening to music and dancing in a fun and relaxing setting. Live music can be provided in various settings, including an outdoor venue or indoor ballroom. Corporate event planners often choose to offer food and drinks in addition to musical entertainment. This allows guests to mingle with other attendees and explore the event venue while listening to the sound of live music. Corporate event planners often feature popular music styles: jazz, blues, and rock.


Karaoke Competition

Why not have a karaoke competition for employees to see who can sing the best songs? Have a karaoke competition where employees can submit their songs and let them battle it out in front of everyone. This will let them show off their singing abilities and get everyone excited. You could also have a karaoke competition where employees can compete to see who can make the best costume. This way, you can involve all departments in the event, and employees will be involved in creating a memorable experience for everyone involved. You could also organize a karaoke contest for employees to compete in. Each employee could develop a unique theme song, and the one with the best idea would win the prize. This way, you can create an event that is fun and exciting for everyone involved.


Scavenger Hunt

Create a custom scavenger hunt for your corporate event. This is a great way to keep attendees engaged and entertained during the event. Set up a treasure hunt for customers to find during your event. This type of game can be tailored to suit the event’s theme, location, and objectives. You could, for example, have participants search for clues or items related to the event’s topic on a specific trail or at designated locations. Host a contest where participants have to solve a puzzle or riddle to win a prize. This game is fun and engaging for participants, drawing them in and encouraging them to participate fully. Plus, it can help you track which ideas are proving popular with participants and provide valuable feedback that can be used to plan future events.


Wine Tasting

A wine-tasting event can be a fun and memorable way to entertain corporate guests. In this event, your company’s employees or clients are treated to a sampling of different wines, which is an excellent way to introduce the world of wine and educate them about its diverse range of flavors and styles. You can also have a theme or course of wine for your guests to sample, which will help create a cohesive experience for everyone involved. To ensure that the event is a success, you should also have finger foods and desserts on hand to sample and live music or opera performances throughout the evening to keep everyone entertained. When planning a wine-tasting event, you must include a photo booth that guests can use at their peril.


Drone Racing

Corporate drone racing events offer a unique and exciting way to entertain your guests. As the name suggests, flying drones in races requires skill, coordination, and practice like traditional racing cars. You can find various races suitable for all audiences, from beginners to experts. There are various ways to organize corporate drone racing events, such as live events with pilots or automated races. An event can last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Before you decide on the event format, consider factors such as the type of audience you are targeting and the cost of the event.




In conclusion, there are lots of event entertainment ideas that you can choose from. To help plan the event in the most efficient way possible, consider your target market, event format, and cost. At Conventions.com, we are a team of event planners here in Las Vegas, NV. Our services offer event entertainment ideas that will fit any event type and budget. Contact us today to get started!


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