Tri-State Seminar 2021

What Is Tri-State Seminar 2021?


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Dubbed as the go-to conference for new technology and improvements in the water and wastewater management industry, the Tri-State Seminar has been providing affordable and high-quality education since its inception. Water and wastewater operators from the U.S. are sure to leave the event with plenty of knowledge and apply the industry’s best practices learned to their respective workplaces.

Tri-State Seminar is a yearly three-day seminar created to provide professional development, continuing education, and technology transfer to professionals and experts working in the space. If you want to see the latest tech and innovation in the industry, then this event is a can’t-miss.

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What Industry Does Tri-State Seminar 2021 Serve?

Tri-State Seminar 2021 Las Vegas | two technicians maintenance water turbine wastewater | Tri-State Seminar 2021

Tri-State Seminar 2021 serves business owners, decision-makers, and professionals working in the water and wastewater management industry.

When Is Tri-State Seminar 2021?

August 9 to 12, 2021

Tri-State Seminar 2021 Registration

Click this link to register for Tri-State Seminar 2021.

Where Is Tri-State Seminar 2021 Held In?

South Point Hotel Casino & Spa, 9777 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89183, United States

Where to Stay for Tri-State Seminar 2021?

  • South Point Hotel Casino & Spa
  • Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa & Casino
  • Mandalay Bay

What Time Does Tri-State Seminar 2021 Open?

Gates open on Monday, August 9, 6:30 am – 7:00 pm and ends Thursday, August 12 at 10:00 pm.

Who Attends Tri-State Seminar 2021?


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Tri-State Seminar 2021 is attended by business owners, decision-makers, and consumers in the water and wastewater management industry.

Why You Should Attend Tri-State Seminar 2021

As a business owner or a professional working in this space, you’ll gain access to sessions that are unavailable outside this event. You’ll also get to learn from seasoned veterans in the industry, which leaves you with plenty of valuable information after the event is over.

How Many People Are Expected to Attend Tri-State Seminar 2021?

Approximately 3,500 people

How Many Exhibitors?

Approximately 300 exhibitors

Tri-State Seminar 2021 Exhibitor List

Click this link to see the list of exhibitors in the Tri-State Seminar 2021.

How to Become an Exhibitor in the Tri-State Seminar 2021?

Click this link if you’re interested to become an exhibitor in Tri-State Seminar 2021.

Who Sponsors Tri-State Seminar 2021?

  • Arizona Wastewater Inc.
  • Mobile Mini
  • GSM
  • Jack Doheny Companies
  • Armorock
  • JM Eagle
  • Brax
  • J.L. Wingert Co.
  • Wachs
  • Bio Lynceus

Click this link for the full list of sponsors.

How to Become a Sponsor in the Tri-State Seminar 2021?

Click this link to learn how to become a sponsor.

Who Owns the Tri-State Seminar 2021?

Tri-State Seminar

How Big Is Tri-State Seminar 2021?

90,000 square ft.

Tri-State Seminar 2021 Floorplan

Tri-State Seminar 2021 Las Vegas | South Point floor plan | Tri-State Seminar 2021
South Point floor plan Photo by

Click this link to see the event map.

Watch Videos From Tri-State Seminar

Here’s a recap of the events that transpired in Tri-State Seminar 2019.

Professional Photos From Tri-State Seminar

Attendees of Tri-State Seminar 2018.

Some of the exhibitors at Tri-State Seminar 2018.

Attendees having fun at Tri-State Seminar 2018.

See Photos From Tri-State Seminar

M&H Valve Company’s representative showcasing the iHydrant at Tri-State Seminar 2019.


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The Nobel Systems team proudly showcased their GeoViewer Real-Time Water Management System at Tri-State Seminar 2019.


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Chris Wilkinson, one of the speakers at Tri-State Seminar 2019, gave a presentation about water main flushing.


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Conversations About Tri-State Seminar

Here’s the latest from the industry.

Here’s what you need to know about the recently concluded GSA Summit.

Questions Related to Tri-State Seminar

Here’s how wastewater is treated.
Read Harsh Oza (हर्ष ओज़ा)‘s answer to How is wastewater treated? on Quora

Tri-State Seminar 2021 Schedule

See the full schedule of the event here.

Where Else to Stay for Tri-State Seminar 2021?

See the hotel map here.

For more information about Tri-State Seminar 2021 or any other convention-related needs, call at 702-555-1212 or chat with us live now. Look to the Bottom Right of this page now to start chat.

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