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The INCOMPAS Show 2020 is the best venue to connect with people that are vital to your business: Discover new practices and unlock the potential for increased profits thanks to the countless networking opportunities found in this event. This streamlined event is designed to facilitate meaningful exchanges that lead to business deals and pipeline building.

Learn from dynamic discussions, thought leadership, and debate on current policy and business issues, featuring veteran presenters and speakers. It creates a productive environment in which you can easily close deals and find new business partners. If you’re looking to sign a business partnership contract with the best and the brightest companies, then this event is the place to be.

The Industry Summit 2020 in Las Vegas, September 14 to 16, 2020, is now a virtual event. Read more.

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What Industry Does INCOMPAS Show 2020 Serve?

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INCOMPAS Show 2020 serves communications professionals, business owners, and decision-makers looking for prospective business partners.

When Is INCOMPAS Show 2020?

September 14 to 16, 2020

INCOMPAS Show 2020 Registration

Click this link to register for INCOMPAS Show 2020.

What Time Does INCOMPAS Show 2020 Open?

Gates open on Monday, September 14, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm and ends Wednesday, September 16, at 8:00 pm.

Who Attends INCOMPAS Show 2020?

This event is attended by business owners and decision-makers looking for the best and cost-efficient business partners that can maximize their business’s revenues.

Why You Should Attend INCOMPAS Show 2020

This is the best event in terms of business networking. Thus, attending this event allows you to find the most suitable trade partners that will improve every facet of your business.

How Many People Are Expected to Attend INCOMPAS Show 2020?

Approximately 1,000 people

How Many Exhibitors

Approximately 100 exhibitors

How to Become an Exhibitor at INCOMPAS Show 2020?

Click this link to learn how to become an exhibitor at INCOMPAS Show 2020.

Who is Speaking at INCOMPAS Show 2020?

2020 speakers include:

  • Cheryl O’Donoghue, Author of “How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader”
  • Nancy Ridge, Ridge Innovative and Alliance of Channel Women
  • Deb Ward, Televergence
  • Kelly McGriff, Uniti Group
  • Jessica Collins, Crown Castle
  • Sidney Roberts, Microsoft
  • Greg Rogers, Bandwidth

Click this link to see the full list of speakers.

INCOMPAS Show 2020 Sponsors

  • Crown Castle
  • First Light
  • Uniti
  • Granite
  • Bandwidth
  • [email protected]
  • Fuse Cloud
  • ideatek
  • ShareTracker
  • Tilson

Click this link to see the full list of sponsors.

How to Become a Sponsor in INCOMPAS Show 2020?

Click this link to learn how to become a sponsor.

Who Owns INCOMPAS Show 2020?


Watch Videos From INCOMPAS Show

Association leaders held a Q&A last June and see what they’ve got to say about the issues facing the industry.

Professional Photos From INCOMPAS Show

INDATEL Services — one of the exhibitors at the INCOMPAS Show 2019.

Dish Smart Home having the demo of their products and services offered at the INCOMPAS Show 2019.

Vitruvi team getting stuff done at the INCOMPAS Show expo hall.

Incompas Show 2019 panel shared insights about the communications industry transformation at last year’s INCOMPAS Show.

Carol Mattey at the INCOMPAS Show 2019 talked about the different opportunities on funding broadband deployment.

INCOMPAS Show 2019 Buyers Forum hall.

Conversations About INCOMPAS Show

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INCOMPAS Show 2020 Schedule

Click this link to see the full schedule.

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